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Know About Your Baby’s Emotions

First smiles are only the start of the amazing emotions your baby will develop and show during the first year. As early as 3 months, they may be ‘reading’ expressions and storing the information in their growing memory bank. These stored experiences will help them manage and control their own emotions as they grow.
It all begins with that one little smile… At 3 months your baby may enjoy socialising with you and the other immediate members of the family.
They smile easily and may have a keen interest in other human faces.
Babieslearn about others’ emotions and expressionswhen they can watch, listen and participate in social interactions.
You can also expect to hear the first of the many giggles during this time.
The best way to make your baby laugh is by making funny little ‘burrr’ sounds, pecking them on the cheek or by tickling their stomach.
The reactions you get will have a significant influence on how your baby reacts to various situations in the future.
They develop the ability to read …
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